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1 January 2024


Are you tired of unreliable power supply? Say goodbye to high electricity bills and embrace the power of the sun with our premium solar panels and solar inverter systems!

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At Akpo Oyegwa Refrigeration Company, we’re dedicated to bringing sustainable energy solutions to your doorstep. Our state-of-the-art solar panels and cutting-edge solar inverter systems offer a reliable and cost-effective way to harness the abundant energy of the sun, providing you with uninterrupted power supply while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Disclaimer*: Price is subject to change based on market conditions.


S/N Complete Solar power system including inverter, solar panels, batteries, charger controllers, cables, accessories and installation cost

Unit of measurement KVA

Product: Complete Solar power system Price: NGN
1 1KVA ₦1,890,000
2 2KVA ₦3,600,000
3 3KVA ₦4,980,000
4 5KVA ₦6,820,000
5 10KVA ₦13,920,000
6 15KVA ₦16,840,000
7 20KVA ₦28,960,000
8 25KVA ₦32,860,000
9 30KVA ₦38,890,000
10 40KVA ₦46,920,000
11 45KVA ₦58,490,000
12 50KVA ₦74,860,000
13 80KVA ₦97,860,000
14 100KVA ₦184,860,000
15 150KVA ₦262,860,000
16 180KVA ₦278,860,000
17 200KVA ₦489,960,000

Why choose us?

High-Quality Solar Products: We offer top-tier solar panels and inverters sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring durability, efficiency, and long-term performance.

Expert Installation Services: Our team of experienced professionals ensures flawless installation, maximizing the energy output of your solar system for optimal efficiency.

Customized Solutions: We understand that every home or business has unique energy needs. Our experts tailor solutions to fit your specific requirements, providing scalable and adaptable solar installations.

Affordability and Savings: Say hello to reduced electricity bills! With our solar solutions, you’ll enjoy significant savings on your energy expenses while increasing the value of your property.

Reliable After-Sales Support: We don’t just install and leave. Our commitment extends to reliable after-sales service, maintenance, and support to ensure your solar system operates at peak performance.

Environmentally Friendly: By choosing solar energy, you’re making a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable living.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or part of a community looking for reliable and clean energy, Akpo Oyegwa Refrigeration Company has the perfect solar solution for you.

Take the leap towards energy independence and sustainability. Contact us today for a free consultation and let our experts guide you through the process of transitioning to clean, renewable solar energy.


Join the solar revolution with Akpo Oyegwa Refrigeration Company and experience the power of the sun firsthand!

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